We are most gratified that you are interested in the PSYOP Veterans Association (POVA), and are forwarding this letter to help you gain an understanding of who we are, and why we exist.

 POVA was formed in 1988, when five former members of the 6th PSYOP Battalion who served together in Viet-Nam in 1968-69 reunited for the first time in Washington, DC.  These PSYOP veterans committed to organizing a reunion association dedicated to reconnecting and reuniting PSYOP veterans of the Viet-Nam War, subsequently expanding to include those who served in PSYOP duties during World War II and the Korean War. 

As POVA looks to the future, it is clear that we cannot simply be a reunion association and expect to attract and retain members who may not share those same values.  POVA wants and needs the participation, membership, inputs and thought processes of those thousands of PSYOP veterans and current soldiers who will help shape and move our Association forward.  We encourage you to be a key part of POVA’s future.

 POVA presently has four main organizational focal points:

  • Identify and implement plans, programs, and activities in support of our PSYOP Regiment.

  • Plan and conduct reunions to bring PSYOP veterans, soldiers and interested parties together biennially

  • Organize and “stand up” POVA chapters in locations where members are able to organize themselves and conduct meaningful activities in support of PSYOP soldiers, veterans, and families

  • Provide philanthropic support when possible to other organizations and associations that currently work to assist PSYOP soldiers, veterans, and their families.

 POVA has held reunions every other year since 1998, and our 2020 reunion will be in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  Details, including dates, are yet to be developed.  These reunions are great times to reconnect with friends from our service and those who served after us, as well as renew friendships with the families who have grown up around us since our service.  They are great times together with very special friends. 

 POVA has three membership options for its members:

  • Life Membership for a one-time payment of $250. Benefits include a beautiful Life Member certificate, a POVA Life membership pin, a 15% discount on all POVA merchandise, and reserved seating at the Reunion banquet for the member and family members with other Life Members.

  • One year membership dues at $25 per year, which includes a POVA membership pin;

  • OR a two year membership dues at the discounted rate of $45 per year, which includes a POVA membership pin.

 POVA offers FREE membership to all active duty and reserve unit PSYOP soldiers for as long as they serve.  Membership is as simple as submitting our membership application.  We cannot make it any easier, and want all active and reserve PSYOP soldiers in POVA.

 Can you be a Member of POVA?  If you served in any PSYOP capacity, whether active or reserve duty, you are eligible and welcome into membership.  It matters not if you are active or Reserve component.  This includes those who were attached from other units to perform PSYOP tasks in support of Allied military operations. If you are not certain, POVA will work with you to clarify your membership status. 

In addition, if you are or were a member of an Allied military PSYOP unit or organization, especially if you worked with American forces in any capacity, you are eligible for membership in POVA. Our current membership (summer 2018) includes Psywarriors from Australia, Germany, and Ukraine; POVA is in contact with other nations’ PSYOP units and veterans as well.

 To join POVA, navigate to "Join POVA" on the menu at the top of the page and complete the online application at the bottom of the page.  For added convenience, you can also pay your dues throughout site; just follow the webpage and it will help you do it quickly and efficiently.

I hope you’ll find POVA to be an interesting Association to reunite and reconnect with fellow PSYOP veterans, soldiers, Allies, and interested friends, and to help provide assistance to those organizations already helping our fellow veterans in need. 

 Best Regards,

 Ex Verba Victoria

C. V. (Chad) Spawr
Co-Founder, Charter Member & Past President
PSYOP Veterans Association (POVA)