The Psychological Operations Regiment was activated on 18 November 1998 at Ft. Bragg, NC.  In an activation ceremony presided over by MG Kenneth Bowra, the Regimental colors were uncased, and the Regiment came to life.  This is a roster of the original Honorary Colonels of the Regiment (HCOR) since the activation of the Regiment (note:  this roster is in continuous development):

HCOR Alfred Paddock, COL, USA Ret.
HCOR Lawrence Dietz, COL, USA Ret.
HCOR Jack C. Guy, COL, USA Ret.
HCOR James Treadwell, COL, USA Ret.

This is a roster of the Commandants who have commanded the Regiment since creation of the Commandant role:

Kris L. Kenner, COL, USA
2009 - 2011

Michael A. Ceroli, COL, USA
2011 - 2014

Miguel Hobbs, COL, USA
2014 - 2015

John E. Grimes, COL, USA
2015 - 2017

Robert A. B. Curris, COL, USA
2017 -