The 6th Psychological Operations Battalion was activated in 1965, and deployed to the Republic of Viet-Nam in 1966.  Within one year, demand for PSYOP support from US and Allied combat units increased so significantly that the Battalion was unable to effectively meet demand.  Accordingly, in December 1968, the Battalion was redesignated the 4th Psychological Operations Group, and its constitutent companies redesignated as Battalions.  The original 246th PSYOP Company was redesignated as the 6th PSYOP Battalion, was located in Bien Hoa where it supported US and Allied ground and Special Operations forces in the III Corp Tactical Zone surrounding and north of Saigon, the national capital. 

Here is the roster of the Battalion's commanding officers since its inception in 1965:

 Command Dates                Commanding Officer

1965-66                         LTC Wallace J. Moulis

1966-67                         LTC David W. Affleck

1967-68                         LTC William Beck (6th Bn to 4th POG)

1967-68                         LTC Clarence A. Binkley

1968                             LTC Otmer R. Gorrell

1968-69                         LTC Raymond Deitch

1969-71                         LTC Irving O. Barker                          

1971-72                        Battalion deactivated

1972                             LTC William S. Lawton Jr.

1972-74                         LTC Harold J. Fraley

1974-75                         LTC Roger Knight

1975-77                         LTC Alfred Paddock

1977-78                         LTC Charles S. McClain

1978                              MAJ Matthew Duffy

1978-79                         LTC Edward H. Cummings

1978-82                         LTC Michael W. Totten

1982-84                         LTC Arthur A. Lovgren                       

1984-86                         LTC Fred C. Parker IV

1986-88                         LTC John Reppert 

1988-90                         LTC Daniel Devlin

1989-91                         LTC Jay Savage

1991-93                         LTC Robert Trost

1993-95                         LTC James Treadwell

1995-96                         LTC Michael Furlong

1996-97                         LTC  Steven N. Collins

1997-99                         LTC John Kidd

1999-01                         LTC Michael Seidl

2001-03                         LTC Michael Player

2003-05                         LTC Robert F. Wieler, Jr.

2005-07                         LTC Paul D. Touchette

2007-09                         LTC Alfred E. Renzi, Jr.

2009-11                          LTC Ralph L. (Bo) Clayton III

2011-13                          LTC James R. Hickman

2013-15                          LTC Bethany C. Aragon

2015-17                          LTC Michelle G. Tope

2017 -                            LTC Eric Kreitz