POVA holds its Biennial Reunion in even-numbered years, and has met regularly since 1988, when the idea of a "reunion association" was first proposed by the five PSYOP Viet-Nam veterans meeting in Centerville, VA.  The first "Charter" meeting was held in 1989, with a resolution to meet in even-numbered years for as long as there are "PSYOP veterans to reunite."  These locations include the following:

Centerville, VA 1988

Denver, CO 1989

Fayetteville, NC 1990

Baltimore, MD 1992

St. Louis, MO 1994

Nashville, TN 1996

Anaheim, CA 1998

Estes Park, CO 2000

Baltimore, MD 2002

Fayetteville, NC 2004

Branson, MO 2006

Orlando, FL 2008

Boston, MA 2010

Salt Lake City, UT 2012

 No Reunion 2014

Fayetteville, NC 2016

Cleveland, OH 2018

Fayetteville, NC 2020

location TBD 2022