The 4th Psychological Operations Group was activated in December 1967; it was created as a substantial expansion of capability, equipment, and staffing to address increased demands for PSYOP support by Allied units fighting the war throughout the Republic of Viet-Nam.  The 6th PSYOP Battalion, deployed to Viet-Nam in 1965, became the new 4th PSYOP Group.  The existing companies of the 6th Battalion were redesignated as Battalions under the 4th PSYOP Group as follows:

19th PSYOP Company:      10th PSYOP Battalion

244th PSYOP Company:      7th PSYOP Battalion

245th PSYOP Company:      8th PSYOP Battalion

246th PSYOP Company:      6th PSYOP Battalion

This is the roster of the Commanding Officers of the 4th PSYOP Group, dating back to the origins of the Group in the 6th PSYOP Battalion:

 Command Dates                            Commanding Officer

1965-66                         LTC Wallace J. Moulis (Commanded original 6th Bn)

1966-67                         LTC David W. Affleck  (Commanded original 6th Bn)

1967-68                         COL William Beck (6th Bn to 4th POG)

1968-69                         COL Taro Katagiri           

1969-71                          COL Russell Jones

1971                              COL Frank Westling

             1971 - 72  Group Inactivated                                    

1972-73                         COL William Hudson

1973-75                         COL Frank T. Hodes

1975-77                         COL Billy Stanberry

1977-78                         COL Henry Ellison

1978-79                         COL Charles McLain

1979-82                         COL Alfred Paddock

1982-84                         COL Harold Fraley

1984-86                         COL Melvin Kreisel

1986-88                         COL William DiPaulo

1988-90                         COL Anthony Normand

1990-93                         COL Layton G. Dunbar

1993-95                         COL Jeffrey B. Jones

1995-97                         COL William C. Hunter

1997-99                         COL Charles Borchini

1999-01                         COL Christopher E. St. John

2001-03                         COL James Treadwell

2003-05                         COL Jack N. Summe

2005-07                         COL Kenneth Turner

2007-09                         COL Curtis Boyd

2009-11                          COL Carl Phillips

2011-13                          COL  Reginald Bostick

2013-15                          COL  Bruce Leahy

2015-17                          COL  Robert A. B. Curris

2017-19                          COL  Bethany C. Aragon