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POVA has a membership "home" for you.  If you ever served in an active duty or Reserve PSYOP unit, you are eligible for membership in POVA - and we want you as a member!  We all know what a small part of the overall military PSYOP is. There just aren't many people who know what we did, and therefore cannot appreciate the work that we did to save American and Allied lives. WELCOME TO POVA!

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We all know that there are veterans on the streets who are in dire straits. POVA is raising funds to allow us to work with existing organizations focused on helping our fellow veterans.  Want to help?  Make a tax-deductible contribution to POVA, and we’ll put the money right where it needs to go.

“Today’s PSYOP soldiers have technologies we could only dream of, equipment we couldn’t even imagine in Viet-Nam. What we all shared, though, was the knowledge that getting our message through was critical. Getting the right message to the right people on time was crucial…..that takes bright, trained, and committed soldiers. Nobody does it better than our PSYOP soldiers!”

- Chad Spawr