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POVA is a tax-exempt charitable and educational organization under section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code.  We provide educational and informational services on the history, deployment, and utilization of military psychological operations based on the extensive experiences, training, and knowledge of our members. 

In addition, POVA is working aggressively to establish charitable relationships with other organizations whose goals include providing services to US military veterans in need.  These include veterans needing assistance with housing, medical concerns, job placement, substance abuse, and help resolving issues with the VA.

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How Will My Donation Be Used?

POVA provides experienced speakers, materials, and related information to inservice, educate, and train both civilian and military personnel in the history and various applications of military psychological operations from the perspectives of soldiers who have actually performed these duties during foreign military deployments in support of US military objectives.

POVA seeks to partner with the organizations it supports by raising additional funds to help these organizations more effectively assist our fellow veterans.  Our goal is to dedicate virtually all donated funds to legitimate organizations assisting fellow veterans.  POVA seldom reimburses officers for their expenses, and never pays salaries or provides benefits.  Our goal is to further assist those seeking to help our fellow veterans.

Is My Donation Tax Deductible?

Yes.  POVA is registered as a Michigan not-for-profit corporation and has received IRS approval for tax exempt status under IRS Code section 501c3.