The Leaflet Drop

The Newsletter of the PSYOP Veterans Association

1 June 2017

Fellow Psywarriors,

The big news first:  the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has approved POVA’s application for tax-exempt status under IRC Section 501c3.  We can now solicit and accept contributions, gifts, donations, bequests, etc., as a charitable organization.  Many thanks to Life Member Attorney Joseph Meissner for his diligence in bringing this to conclusion.

Last month, I shared our progress on several key POVA projects to promote continued membership growth, with an eye toward achieving our vision, which we stated as follows:

POVA will be the leading organization to reconnect PSYOP veterans with their fellow soldiers, execute excellent reunion events, and provide support where needed and applicable to PSYOP soldiers, veterans, and family members and those of our brethren who were lost.

POVA has created a member database which, when complete, will provide a reliable source of information for member status, dues records, addresses, email contacts, etc. 

POVA is taking its first steps to creating Chapters.  Spearheading the process is POVA Life Member Reggie Bostic.  Focused on the “National Capital Region” in the metroplex area around Washington, D.C., we hope our first chapter will open during the summer of 2018. 

POVA is creating a centralized information source on the location and contents of PSYOP collections, displays, and materials in military facilities and museums around the country.  Leading this effort is long-time member Doug Elwell. 

POVA is initiating a communication process so we can “reach out” to the Gold Star families of our war dead, and bring them into POVA.  We have a long history of inclusion of Gold Stars as Life Members of POVA, and POVA is working to get that “back on track.”  So far, we have added four Gold Star Life Members.

Finally, POVA is assembling a consolidated “speakers’ bureau” of POVA members and associates who can be available to POQC courses, speakers, guest lecturers, and representatives at Regimental and other graduations, pinning ceremonies, etc..  Leading this effort is POVA Life Member Ben Tipton.

C. V. (Chad) Spawr