The Leaflet Drop

The Newsletter of the PSYOP Veterans Association

1 September 2017

Fellow Psywarriors,

Since early summer of 2015, we have worked aggressively to rebuild POVA’s total roster and actual membership.  In particular, we’ve worked with both the active PSYOP force and the USACAPOC PSYOP organization to recruit new members for our long-term future.  As you may recall, POVA offers dues-free membership for all currently-serving active duty and Reserve PSYOP soldiers.
From a few dozen “active” vets on our 2015 roster, we have now topped a total count exceeding 500 PSYOP soldiers, vets, Gold Stars and families.  As previously reported, we have also grown our Life Member ranks, and as of this writing, POVA has 112 Life Members onboard.
This is significant growth.  We are under no illusion that all “free” soldier members will one day become dues-paying members, but the odds are in our favor.  Between our excellent monthly newsletter, our Biennial Reunions, and our superb Internet website, we offer communications, contact, reconnection, and products that speak well of our Association.  Our original goal in 1988 was to create a mechanism for veteran friends to reconnect with buddies from the Viet-Nam War.  Today, our connections cover a string of worldwide engagements that are truly “global!”  POVA veterans come from conflicts and engagements that are truly global in their reach, effect, and influence. 
We have taken great strides since 2015, and our future is bright.  However, it won’t last long if we don’t continue to develop and deploy Association leaders who “move the ball” forward with every opportunity.  POVA is looking for leadership to step up and help move POVA move forward into an even brighter future. Our 2018 Biennial Reunion will result in a new slate of leaders to take POVA forward.  It is time for “new blood” to lead this Association forward.

C. V. (Chad) Spawr