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The Newsletter of the PSYOP Veterans Association

1  July 2018

Fellow Psywarriors, Gold Stars, Families, and Friends,

It is almost here......POVA's 17th Biennial Reunion is being held in Cleveland, OH, from 19-22 July 2018.  Details are here on the POVA, menu choices, activities, etc..  Under the guidance of Life Member Howard "Pat" Patrick, we'll invade Cleveland, OH, in the largest reunion POVA has ever experienced.  It will be great.  Check our website periodically, and make plans now to attend with us. 

Some important notes on POVA membership: 

  • POVA participates in Facebook with a "closed" group for PSYOP veterans only.  We actively encourage all Psywarriors to participate in this FB group.  However, doing so does not automatically make one a member of the Association itself.  The FB group is simply a social media channel. Membership in POVA requires completion of our online member application (found on this website).
  • Any PSYOP veteran or veteran who served with or supported a PSYOP unit, and any soldier regardless of MOS in an active duty or Reserve PSYOP unit, is eligible for POVA membership. It is not necessary to have the PSYOP 37F MOS for enlisted/NCO or the 37A career field for officers. 
  • All Gold Star family members are eligible for POVA Life membership without any dues obligation.  It is our honor and privilege to honor our lost Psywarriors by including their families in our Association.
  • Allied PSYOP soldiers and veterans, as well as fellow Special Operations soldiers or veterans who have worked with or in support of PSYOP missions and actions are eligible for membership as well, and we are eager to welcome them into our Association.

Our 2018 Biennial Reunion will, for the first time, offer a Sunday morning "Briefing-Brunch" feature to be hosted and presented by our fellow Psywarrior members of the Psychological Operations Association (POA).  We are very excited that POA President Dennis Bartow, on long-term assignment in Germany, will attend the Reunion and will preside over the Sunday morning session. 

C. V. (Chad) Spawr

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