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President’s Message


It has been sometime since I did a newsletter and I apologize for that. Hope everyone is doing well.


The reunion of 2014 is approaching.  The board is still open for suggestions for a location. We also looking for a member that is willing to put a Reunion together. The reunions are normally held in September or October. The reason for this is the cost versus the higher cost during the summer tourist season. I have been to many Reunionsover the years and it is good to see old friends and meet new friends. It is a great and rewarding experience. If any member would like to put a Reunion together please contact me by phone or email.


Would like to thank Henry Bast and POVA members for donating $1700. this past Holiday Season. The money donated goes to soldiers and their families who are in special needs during the Holiday Season. Further information about donations can be found in the NEWS FROM FORT BRAGG.


Would also like to thank James Fell of Professional Websites for hosting our website.


If any member would like to contribute information, pictures, or an article for the newsletter you can contact me or the editor. If you have changed your email address or mailing address please let me know so that I can update our records.


Best regards,


Mike Stoeckert




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