POVA recognizes the career and historical contributions of its members to the field of military psychological operations as well as to continuing service to our fellow soldiers and veteran members of the Association.  POVA's formal recognition and award activities include:

  • The Exemplar of Military Psychological Operations This most significant award and honor was first created and conferred in 2016.  It will be conferred in the future on those PSYOP soldiers and veterans whose careers and contributions demonstrate substantial commitment to the profession and our Association. This award requires approval of a majority of the POVA Board (officers and Trustees).  For 2016, this prestigious award was conferred on two of POVA's long-serving Life Members; two retired PSYOP soldiers whose careers were the very embodiment of commitment, honor and service:  COL-Ret. Alfred H. Paddock Jr., and MAJ-Ret. Raymond P. Ambrozak.   Read the citations for the 2016 Recipients of the Exemplar of Military Psychological Operations award:
  • The Presidents' RosterPOVA's Presidents provide significant leadership, commitment, and energy to our Association and bring the credibility of POVA to ongoing activities of the Army's Reserve and Active Psychological Operations units.  POVA Presidents are included on this roster upon election.  In addition, upon completion of office tenure, the President is awarded an engraved gavel to commemorate years of dedicated service to our Association and its members.  Read the Roster of POVA Presidents. 

View the President's Roster here.


Other Significant Awards

POVA officers and members have received recognition and awards from a variety of organizations located at Ft. Bragg over the past years.  Some of these have included:

  • "Hero of the Regiment" designation awarded by the US Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, (USAJFKSWCS) to past presidents Jack O'Neil, Rick Hofmann, and Chad Spawr between 1998 and 2003. 

  • MG Robert A. McClure Gold Medal awarded by USAJFKSWCS to Chad Spawr, Co-Founder and Past President of POVA.
  • MG Robert A. McClure Gold Medal awarded by USAJFKSWCS to Raymond Ambrozak, POVA Life Member.
  • MG Robert A. McClure Bronze Medal awarded by USAJFCSWCS to John H. "Jack" O'Neil, Co-Founder and Past President of POVA.
  • Distinguished Member of the Regiment (DMOR), awarded by the Psychological Operations Regiment to
    • POVA Life Member Al Paddock
    • POVA Life Member Curtis Boyd
    • POVA Life Member Raymond P. Ambrozak. 
    • POVA Life Member Tim Fitpatrick
    • POVA Member Doug Elwell
    • POVA Member Jim Treadwell
  • POVA Life Member and immediate Past President Mike Stoeckert was named the first-ever President Emeritus of the Association in recognition of his long-standing leadership of POVA over the past several years.