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The Newsletter of the PSYOP Veterans Association

1  November 2018

Fellow Psywarriors, Gold Stars, Families, and Friends,

POVA continues to work to recruit new members. Our membership is now over 400, and we are proud to have enrolled 155 Life Members.

A key issue for us between now and 2020 is raising sufficient funds to expand our donations and support to a number of worthwhile people and organzation who are tireless in their support of our fellow veterans and their families in need. Yes, I know, everybody is constantly under pressure to help by donating money, but if the need wasn’t there, then there would be less pressure. Every one of the vets’ organizations in which I participate is seeking funds…..VFW, AL, DAV, MOPH……are looking for money to help. That is one of the reasons we exist. The days of vets getting together just to drink and tell war stories are long gone!

The potential exists for POVA to expand its membership ranks to include members of the newly-created US Marine Corps PSYOP operational command, and to form a long-term relationship with fellow Psywarriors of our neighboring Canadian Armed Forces. We are on the map, and people “see the value” of POVA.

Some important notes on POVA membership: 

  • Any PSYOP veteran or veteran who served with or supported a PSYOP unit, and any soldier regardless of MOS in an active duty or Reserve PSYOP unit, is eligible for POVA membership. It is not necessary to have the PSYOP 37F MOS for enlisted/NCO or the 37A career field for officers.

  • POVA accepts membership from those Psywarrior veterans of Allied nations, and is eager to expand our contacts with whom we have served while deployed. We are all Psywarriors!

  • All Gold Star family members are eligible for POVA Life membership without any dues obligation. It is our honor and privilege to honor our lost Psywarriors by including their families in our Association.

  • Allied PSYOP soldiers and veterans, as well as fellow Special Operations soldiers or veterans who have worked with or in support of PSYOP missions and actions are eligible for membership as well, and we are eager to welcome them into our Association.

C. V. (Chad) Spawr

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