This is Who We are

The US Army Psychological Operations Veterans Association (POVA) is the oldest continuous serving veterans' Association providing membership support, reconnection, reunion and philanthropic support to America's military PSYOP soldiers and veterans.  Founded in 1988, POVA continually seeks to support and assist our fellow PSYOP veterans.

POVA is a tax-exempt charitable and educational Association pursuant to Section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code.



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Join POVA and reconnect with your fellow PSYOP veterans. Apply, select your member option and pay your dues online, and you’re “home” with us. 

Active duty & Reserve PSYOP unit members receive free membership until discharged or retired.

The POVA Constitution

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POVA has established a Constitution that defines how it will organize, operate, form chapters, raise funds, and partner with other organizations to assist our fellow veterans in need.  Any POVA member in good standing can stand for any POVA office. 

Recognition & Awards

Many POVA members have served with extreme honor and distinction in their PSYOP careers, and made substantial contributions to the theory, practice, and tactical implementation of PSYOP.  See how we recognize these deserving members.

PSYOP Lineage

PSYOP soldiers and veterans from Viet-Nam to the present day, visiting the Media Operations Center at Ft. Bragg, NC, in August 2016.  It was time well-spent with today’s veterans, and with fine young troops who will one day soon be veterans. 



“Today’s PSYOP soldiers have technologies we could only dream of, equipment we couldn’t even imagine in Viet-Nam.  What we all shared, though, was the knowledge that getting our message through was critical.  Getting the right message to the right people on time was crucial…..that takes bright, trained, and committed soldiers.  Nobody does it better than our PSYOP soldiers!”

- Chad Spawr

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We all know that there are veterans on the streets who are in dire straits. POVA is raising funds to allow us to work with existing organizations focused on helping our fellow veterans.  Want to help?  Make a tax-deductible contribution to POVA, and we’ll put the money right where it needs to go.