Loudspeakers at War

I have been writing two stories simultaneously this week. My buddy Major Ed Rouse had a pile of loudspeaker images he wanted to put online. He asked me to write a story that might feature his photos. I did so. It has no plot and reads a bit jerky, but it will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about loudspeakers. Personally, I am a leaflet guy. But, if you like loudspeakers this story is for you.

My stories are open-ended. They are never complete. If I get an interesting email on some PSYOP topic tomorrow it would go into one of my 151 articles currently on the Internet. If you want to talk about an interesting PSYOP experience, or just an anecdote or something funny, send it to me. These article are the history of PSYOP saved for posterity. Let's save the good, the bad and the funny. You can always write to me at Sgmbert@hotmail.com.

And now for this weeks story...or should I be more modern and say "blog?"