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conferred 13 August 2016 at Fayetteville, NC



Alfred Paddock Award CITATION

WHEREAS, COL-Ret. Paddock served his nation in uniform for 31 years including multiple tours in Southeast Asia in Special Operations units providing military expertise and leadership; and

WHEREAS, COL-Ret. Paddock commanded military PSYOP units at the Battalion and Group level, and promoted the interests of military PSYOP in successive career roles throughout his post-military career; and

WHEREAS, COL-Ret. Paddock’s singular focus and commitment to documenting the enduring contributions of Major General Robert Alexis McClure as the father of today’s modern military Special Operations and Psychological Operations; and

WHEREAS, COL-Ret. Paddock served as the first Honorary Colonel of the Psychological Operations Regiment and has been an active Life Member of this Association; and

WHEREAS, COL-Ret. Paddock’s numerous decorations include the Bronze Star Medal for Valor, the Defense Superior Service Medal, six awards of the Meritorious Service Award, the Bronze Star Medal for Meritorious Service, and numerous others; and

WHEREAS, COL-Ret. Paddock has undertaken substantial professional and academic research and publication to explore the historical, strategic and operational underpinnings of military PSYOP, promoting the craft as a valued force multiplier in support of US military goals and objectives;

NOW THEREFORE, in grateful appreciation for his substantial contributions, leadership, and mentorship to the profession of military PSYOP and his fellow

PSYOP soldiers, the Psychological Operations Veterans Association confers this award and designation.

Conferred this Date:  13 August 2016