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The Newsletter of the PSYOP Veterans Association

16 November 2017

Fellow Psywarriors, Gold Stars, Families, and Friends,

The PSYOP Veterans Association (POVA) is the oldest, longest-serving private Association dedicated to the interests of PSYOP soldiers, veterans, Gold Stars, friends, and families.  POVA is now a 501c3 tax exempt educational and charitable organization dedicated to supporting our fellow PSYOP units and soldiers with knowledge of their history and traditions, and providing support and assistance to our fellow Psywarriors and other veterans where needed.

Founded in 1988, POVA is working diligently to expand our communication activities to include all soldiers and veterans and US and Allied Psychological Operations, while also working to raise funds to work collaboratively with other groups helping to support our fellow veterans in need.

From an active roster of less than 50 Psywarriors in 2015, POVA now carries a total roster of over 550.  We are blessed with over 120 Life Members, over 100 Reserve unit Psywarriors, over 100 active duty Psywarriors, and increasing numbers of Gold Star family members.  Our veteran membership includes PSYOP veterans from Korea through today's "engagements" all over the world, often in places many Americans cannot even find on a map. 

Our 2018 Biennial Reunion plans are developing quickly under the guidance of Life Member Howard "Pat" Patrick, and we'll invade Cleveland, OH, from 19-22 July 2018 in the largest reunion POVA has ever experienced.  It will be great.  Check our website periodically, and make plans now to attend with us. 

POVA's newsletter is published monthly by email to all members with active email addresses, and is "snail-mailed" to those few who are not computer accessible.  The newsletter will include any worthwhile information submitted by or for our fellow Psywarriors.

I hope you will take some time to view the other sections of our website.  We update and amend the site periodically, so visit early and often.  Any POVA products sold from our website will generate funds to cover our minimal operating expenses as well as to support our charitable purposes to benefit fellow veterans and their families.

C. V. (Chad) Spawr

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